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As soon as the former online replica Chanel shop, SightFocus, was identified to be attempting to advertise and sell replica Chanel goods, legal action was taken against the owners and operators of the outlet. The products and operators of the outlet were found to be in violation of multiple of Federal laws. A U.S. District Court ordered the shop domain name,, transferred from the former owners of the outlet to CHANEL. The Court also ordered that damages paid by the former replica store operators, which amounted to a total of more than  $1,000,000.00.

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Something to keep in mind at all times when shopping online is just because a bag bears the familiar CHANEL logo, it may not be an actual CHANEL handbag. Replica Chanel bags that are being offered for sale at online Chanel outlets, usually at discount prices, are not CHANEL at all. These types of shops have no affiliation with CHANEL. Replica products are fakes which are manufactured using, often quite deceitfully, registered CHANEL marks and designs without authorization. The CHANEL quality, aesthetics, luxury and taste are gravely missing from artless and tawdry knockoffs.

One strategy to keep on hand to fend off being pulled into a replica outlet shop on the web is to look out for prices that are below the known range of the price of a true CHANEL bag, many times at 70% off discounts. Look out for bag ratings as well, such as "7 star" or "AAAAA" quality. After all, there is no rationale in ranking a CHANEL masterpiece.

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Another strategy to have on hand is to exercise prudence when shopping online. To prevent being taken by unscrupulous replica handbag discount shops advertising glittery promises of quality, free shipping, easy returns, or the like, it's o.k. to be guarded. Go ahead and guard your wallet, time and energy, by immediately navigating away. And, above all, click faster if it is new or unfamiliar to you. Ensure that your new bag will be an authentic one by getting yourself to the CHANEL boutiques.

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