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As soon as the former online replica Chanel shop, SightFocus, was identified to be attempting to advertise and sell replica Chanel goods, legal action was taken against the owners and operators of the outlet. The products and operators of the outlet were found to be in violation of multiple of Federal laws. A U.S. District Court ordered the shop domain name,, transferred from the former owners of the outlet to CHANEL. The Court also ordered that damages paid by the former replica store operators, which amounted to a total of more than  $1,000,000.00.

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CHANEL CC Purse in Ivory

Chanel outlet bags are often low in price and at a deep discount, as much as 75% off or more. When someone buys a cheap outlet Chanel purse, the bag will likely be a replica, a fake, which is an illegal product often resulting from many crimes being committed by webs of racketeers.

Many replica outlet shops promote their handbags with the intent to pass them off as the real thing. All too often, bag outlets will conceal the fact that the purses they are offering for sale are replicas. If not careful, anyone could end up with a disappointing fake.

A Chanel bag from an outlet may appear at first to be a bargain, but it will often shortly reveal itself to be poorly manufactured. The quality of a replica outlet bag is far from the orginal. It is beneficial to everyone to avoid them.

If skeptical about an outlet, back away. The best bet is to shop only at the CHANEL boutiques.

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